Catch That Girl

First Release Date : January 25th, 2002

Catch That Girl
A film by Hans Fabian Wullenweber
Cast : Julie Zangenberg, Stefan Pagels Andersen, Mads Ravn, Anders W. Berthelsen, Lars Bom, Nastja Arcel

Ida is 12 and she loves climbing. Her father was once a famous mountaineer. Now he runs a go-cart track in Copenhagen, but Ida has inherited her father’s talent for scaling heights, and she climbs up every water tower she sets her eyes on – despite the fact that her parents have categorically forbidden her to climb. Her two friends Sebastian and Jonas think she has the world’s coolest dad, but they’re also both pretty wild about Ida. So when Ida’s father is diagnosed with a terminal illness, there’s no end to what they’ll do to help her raise cash for a complicated surgical procedure – even if this entails robbing a bank… which is exactly Ida’s plan. But the obstacles on Ida, Sebastian and Jonas’ perilous mission are many: They have a bank vault 30 meters above ground to open, secret combinations to crack, vicious guard dogs to wrestle, psychotic watchmen to distract and a bank manager to elude. Not to mention surviving a hair-raising go-cart race through narrow city streets with a hoard of cops giving chase.
Equipped with state of the art climbing gear, a few borrowed go-carts and a couple of wild, throbbing hearts set on winning Ida’s love, the trio plan the most audacious bank heist in the history of Denmark: To steal 1.5 million DKK from CCT Bank Europe’s new headquarters – by breaking into the world’s most secure bank vault.
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Producers Lottie Terp Jakobsen & Bo Ehrhardt - Nimbus Film Production
French Rights Trust Film
Nationality Denmark
Running time 90 min
Gauge 1:1,85
Format 35 mm
Color Colour
Screenplay Nikolaj Arcel
Cinematographer Jacob Viit Kust, DFF
Sound Claus Lynge
Editor Miriam Nørgaard
Music Magnus Dahlberg

© ninety seven film production and distribution