Wallah Be

Wallah Be
A film by Pia Bovin
Cast : Adam Gilbert Jespersen, Nadia Boeggild, Nour El-Foul, Sarah Kjærgaard Boberg, Jesper Lohmann, Petrine Agger

It´s not easy having a name like Aksel and being a Danish kid who loves pork meatballs when you´d rather hang out with the cool Muslim guys from down the block, wear necklaces and say clever things in Ababic. Nor is it easy going to an after-shool club for a whole week because it´s Fall break when you were supposed to go on holiday with your Dad but instead end up in a trio with Annika and Fatima, two girls who want to sing girlie pop at the club song contest. When a stray dog gets in the way and Fatima gets grounded, in all probability screwing up their appearance at the song contest, something has to be done! Aksel decides to take action, entering an unkown World of rituals and rules, sorting out the song contest, the dog and the grounding problem in his very own way.
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Producers Louise Vesth & Ib Tardini
Co-Producers Peter Aalbaek Jensen
French Rights Trust Film
Nationality Denmark
Running time 85 min
Gauge 1.77:1
Format 35 mm
Color Colour
Screenplay Bo Hr. Hansen
Cinematographer Jacob Banke Olesen
Editor Molly Stensgaard
Music Poul Halberg

© ninety seven film production and distribution