Strong as a lion

Strong as a lion
A film by Manne Lindwall
Cast : Eric Lager, Linus Nord, Lisa Lindgren, Magnus Krepper, Ebba Wickman, Irma Erixson

Simon is a troubled nine year old, and often lives in a fantasy world together with a lion as his trusted companion. ?In the jungle of the school yard Simon is harassed and bullied by 11 year old Alex. In his imagination Simon is a conquering hero but in reality he is a hapless victim and no match for Alex. And so Simon seeks the strength and courage that he lacks from his lion friend. ?One day, Simon’s mother Karin meets a new man, Björn.  And soon Björn becomes Simons new hope for salvation. But it turns out that Björn is Alex’s father. Naturally Karin and Björn know nothing of their boy’s conflict and gladly inform them that they plan to move in together and form one big happy family...
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Producers Johan Fälemark, Joakim Hansson, Peter Hiltunen and Peter Possne
French Rights Nordisk
Nationality Sweden
Running time 88 min
Gauge 1:1,85
Format 35 mm
Color Colour
Screenplay Niklas Rockström, Mikael Bengtsson, Ola Höglund, Lovisa Löwhagen, Robert Ohlsson and Sara Wadell, Unlimited Stories
Cinematographer Häkan Holmberg
Sound Henrik Ohlin
Editor Darek Hodor
Music Bengt Nilsson

© ninety seven film production and distribution