My sisters kids in the Snow

My sisters kids in the Snow
A film by Tomas Villum Jensen
Cast : Peter Gantzler, Lotte Merete Andersen, Neel Ronholt, Mikkel Sundo, Stefan Pagels Andersen, Benedikte Maria Mouritsen

The whole family is going skiing, but unfortunately Dad falls from the old stair and breaks his leg. Mum cannot go on holiday alone with the children and the twins. Therefore Uncle is summoned. Uncle is going to Norway with the eldest five children. When they arrive in Norway, they meet Mrs. Flinth and her party who are on a Health and Cultural stay at the same hotel. The children cannot stand the thought of a whole week’s holiday with Mrs. Flinth and decide to switch around the rooms so that Mrs. Flinth gets their old cabin and they get her suite. At the same time the ski guide Dan is hunting Amalie. Before they left Denmark, Uncle was told to keep an eye on Amalie, so he is very busy apart from looking after the other four children. The switching of the room is discovered and the children – who have become very happy about the luxury, claim to the hotel manager that Uncle is a famous tenor and thus they get another suite. The days are spent by nursing the white lie and keeping Mrs. Flinth and Uncle apart from each other. The day is approaching where a not knowing Uncle is going to perform and the failure is lurking. The children manage to save the evening and Uncle becomes the great hero.
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Producers Michael Obel & Lars Kolvig
Co-Producers Bo Christensen
French Rights Nordisk
Nationality Denmark
Running time 84 min
Gauge 1:1,85
Format 35 mm
Color Colour
Screenplay Michael Asmussen & Søren Leo Frellesen
Cinematographer Jacob Kusk
Sound Martin Saabye Andersen
Editor Mogens Hagedorn Christiansen
Music Jeppe Kaas

© ninety seven film production and distribution