Odd Little Man

Odd Little Man
A film by Stein Leikanger
Cast : Fredrik Stenberg Ditlev-Simonsen, Martin Raaen Eidissen, Fredrik Stengaard Paasche, Gjertrud Louise Jynge, Gard B. Eidsvold, Grethe Boe

Odd Little Man is a warm family film that paint a humorous and realistic pictures of life in Norway in the 1930's, against a backdrop of the threatening war and pocerty. Little Oddemann spends his days on a small farm outsideOslo and knows nothing about life outside this farm. He's a curious little boy, who is able to see and hear things that the adults have stpped noticing. Much of what he hears is spooky :
Are certain politicians really going to sell Norway to the Russians ? And if so, how are they going to wrap up a whole country in paper, before selling it ? And what about Jesus ? When he is out in winter, does snow fall on his halo ? And is Jesus bullet proof ? This is of special concern, as the antiaircraft guns are brought into position around the city.

Oddemann is a thinker, and spends his time puzzling about the characters surrounding him. There's a lot he misunderstands, yet he decides that he doesn't want to grow up. The adult world doen't tempt him at all - grown ups are too serious, or too ill tempered - there is obviously no fun in growing up.

Being the smallest boy on the farm, Oddemann is a living target when the other boys pretend to be African warriors fighting the Italians - and he must also serve as a sled dog when they decide to set out for the North Pole, in the fantastic winter sequence, which was filmed in an actual snow storm !
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Producers Petter Borgli and Tomas Backström
French Rights Nordisk
Nationality Norway
Running time 88 min
Gauge 1:1,85
Format 35 mm
Color Colour
Screenplay Stein Leikanger based on a collection of short stories by Odd Borretzen
Cinematographer John Christian Rosenlund
Sound Erik Watland and Hugo Ekornes
Editor Sofie Hesselberg
Music Randall Meyers

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