Hamilton: In the Interest of the Nation

First Release Date : January 13th, 2012

Hamilton: In the Interest of the Nation
A film by Kathrine Windfeld
Cast : Mikael Persbrandt, Saba Mubarak, Pernilla August, Jason Flemyng, Lennart Hjulström, Aleksandr Nosik

Carl Hamilton must leave his girlfriend because he gets assigned to infiltrate an international gang of smugglers who are about to sell Swedish missiles to terrorists. Hamilton's life depends on making the criminals at all times believe he was a Russian. When the weapon dealers and the terrorists meet, the whole transaction haywires and Hamilton has to kill and run. Being on his own, he cannot retrieve the missiles. Back in Sweden he is berated by a new superior. He returns to his girlfriend and admits he wants to quit his job. They have a reunion but she is a doctor and has to leave him in the middle of the night because of an emergency. He falls into sleep, recalling in his dream how he had to kill at close range during his recent mission. When she touches him while his nightmare peaks, he reacts as if he still was among cutthroats. Before he can even open his eyes he carries out a trained reflex and kills her. Obviously shocked and dismayed he leaves he flat. He blames his mentor DG for having him turned into a killing machine. DG persuades him not to give himself up and sends him abroad to rescue a Swedish technician who seems to be involved in the matter of the smuggled Swedish missiles. But a Western agency for mercenaries named Sectragon plans to kindle a new war as a profitable new business opportunity. They even attempt to assassinate a foreign head of state in Sweden. Hamilton can confound their scheme. Finally he visits the inspector who investigates the death of his late girlfriend. He comes clear but also tells her to drop the case. Hamilton must keep on doing his job becaue it is just... In the interest of the nation...
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Producers Pampas Produktion, TV4 Sweden
Nationality Sweden
Running time 109 min
Format 2.35 : 1
Screenplay Jan Guillou, Stefan Thunberg
Cinematographer Jonas Alarik
Editor Sofia Lindgren
Music Philippe Boix-Vives, Jon Ekstrand

© ninety seven film production and distribution