Adventures of Picasso

Adventures of Picasso
A film by Tage Danielsson
Cast : Gösta Ekman, Hans Alfredson, Margaretha Krook, Lena Olin, Bernard Cribbins, Wilfrid Brambell

The film is (very) loosely based on Pablo Picasso's life and death, narrated by Toivo Pawlo, who introduces himself as Elsa Beskow. It opens with a quote by Picasso himself: "Art is a lie that leads us closer to the truth." The story starts with Picasso's birth in Málaga, Spain. His father, Don Jose (Hans Alfredson), is an artist and discovers early his son's talent when the young boy makes a sculpture of Don Jose with his food. When Pablo is old enough (and now portrayed by Gösta Ekman) his father takes him to Madrid, so that Pablo can study art. On their way, they encounter two robbers who try to hurt a beautiful girl named Dolores (Lena Olin). After a slapstick number in which Picasso defeats the two attackers, she gives him a bottle of paint, containing a djinn. With the paint from that bottle he signs all his paintings. At the academy of art Pablo's talent is praised and awarded. When he returns home with a portrait of his mother Dona Maria (Margaretha Krook), he is equally praised there...
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Producers Svensk Filmindustri (SF), Svenska Ord
Nationality Sweden
Running time 115 min
Gauge 3155 m
Format 1.66 : 1
Screenplay Hans Alfredson, Tage Danielsson
Cinematographer Tony Forsberg, Roland Sterner
Editor Jan Persson
Music Gunnar Svensson

© ninety seven film production and distribution