Johan Falk La troisieme vague

2005 Cognac Festival du Film Policier: Special Prize of the Police
First Release Date : October 15th, 2003

Johan Falk La troisieme vague
A film by Anders Nilsson
Cast : Jakob Eklund, Irina Björklund, Nicholas Farrell, Ben Pullen, Marie Richardson, Sylvester Groth

At Europol (the European Union’s police headquarters) in The Hague, a newly appointed chief, detective superintendent Sellberg of the Swedish police, declares war against organized crime. Sellberg has the power to employ whomever he chooses. However his first choice, his protégé Johan Falk, a former specially trained police officer, wants nothing to do with it. In his view, Europe is being taken over by organized crime, and the criminal justice system is in denial and refuses to deal with the problem realistically. All Falk wants is to move out to the countryside and build a secure home to protect his family. But destiny has other plans for him…

Meanwhile in London, Rebecca (a young stockbroker) realizes that the love of her life, Phoenix Kane (a financial wizard) is heavily involved in organized crime. And when she investigates and discovers who he’s in business with, she leaves him. Fearing exposure, Kane panics and appeals to his associates for help. In turn they scramble to protect their interests, triggering off a series of violent incidents that grow like an avalanche…

In The Hague, Falk meets with his old mentor Sellberg. Simultaneously Rebecca arrives to beg Sellberg and Europol for protection. However, paid assassins have followed her, and Falk’s mentor is murdered right before his eyes. Now, a violent hunt begins spreading throughout Europe. Johan Falk, who had retired form police work, now must protect, not only the young woman, but his own family from professional criminals who control one of Europe’s most sophisticated and technologically advanced security companies…

Fleeing from everyone, while chasing the killer of his mentor, Falk learns more about his enemies. The climax of the film takes place in Munich and is set against the violent EU riots; the foundations of an entire continent are shaking. But no one figured that Falk would receive help from an unexpected source…

The Third Wave is police jargon for the ultimate goal of Europe’s new type of organized crime. This “Euro-thriller” completes the trilogy beginning with “Zero Tolerance” (1999) and continuing with “Executive Protection” (2001). These exciting action-thrillers portray the entire spectrum of this new type of serious pan-European crime, so common in Europe today, where criminals own private security companies and operate freely in a continent with vanishing borders…
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Producers Film i Väst, Sonet Film AB, Blind Spot Pictures Oy
Nationality Sweden, Finland
Running time 115 min
Format 2.35 : 1
Screenplay Joakim Hansson, Anders Nilsson
Cinematographer Per-Arne Svensson
Editor Darek Hodor
Music Bengt Nilsson

© ninety seven film production and distribution