Karla’s World

First Release Date : November 9th, 2007

Karla’s World
A film by Charlotte Sachs Bostrup
Cast : Elena Arndt-Jensen, Nikolaj Støvring Hansen, Jonathan Werner Juel

In KARLA’S WORLD 10-year-old Karla is trying to get her family together so that her divorced dad can celebrate Christmas with all of them.
Karla’s mum and step dad Leif are too busy to bake cookies and in no mood for being all Christmassy. So when her two younger brothers rip the house apart and she gets the blame and at the same time her dad cancels their night before Christmas Eve, it gets too much for Karla. She runs away to her friend Molly’s place to celebrate Christmas with her. But Molly is on her way to her grandparent’s to celebrate the perfect family Christmas. Disillusioned Karla wanders off into the world and joins the homeless Buster. Together with Buster and his companion Ejnar they have a lovely night before Christmas Eve, where Karla realizes that families are not perfect and that she can only solve her problems by accepting and loving her family the way it is … maybe it is not so bad.
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Running time 89 min
Gauge 2536,5 m
Format 1:1,85
Color Color
Screenplay Ina Bruhn
Cinematographer Henrik Kristensen
Sound Kasper Val Bjerregård Larsen
Editor Birger Møller Jensen
Music Jeppe Kaas

© ninety seven film production and distribution