Misa et les loups

First Release Date : December 1st, 2003

Misa et les loups
A film by Linus Torell
Cast : Kim Jansson, Lena Granhagen, Per Nilja, Magnus Krepper, Sverre Porsanger, Sara Margrethe Oskal

Appealing to adults, teenagers and girls of all ages, MisaMi is an unforgettable movie that calls to our hearts as only the wild can.
Adulthood comes early to sassy 10-year-old Misa when her father decides to set up house with another woman after her mother’s death. Feeling doubly abandoned Misa flees to her Grandmother’s house in Swedish Lapland, the wild, timeless landscape where her mother grew up before her.
Exchanging TV for tundra, Misa quickly makes two close friends: Lapp boy Gustaf and a beautiful wild she-wolf, alone, like Misa, but with two young cubs to feed.
When Gustaf’s family find some of their livestock killed by the wolf, hidden tensions between city and country explode. Illegal poachers are hired to kill the protected animal and Misa sets out on a race against time to save the lives of the two young cubs, as orphaned, vulnerable but proud as she is herself.
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Producers Sweetwater and Filmhaus Lagnö AB
Co-Producers FilmPool Nord, Paradox Spillefilm AS with the support from Swedish Film Institute, Film Commissioner
Nationality Sweden
Format 2.35 : 1
Color Color
Screenplay Martina Stöhr
Cinematographer Anders Bohman
Sound Oscar Lovnér, Ljudligan
Editor Sofia Lindgren
Music Johan Söderqvist

© ninety seven film production and distribution