Radio Pirates

First Release Date : September 14th, 2007

Radio Pirates
A film by Stig Svendsen
Cast : Anders Herman Clausen, Helene Gystad, Fritdjov Såheim, Gard B. Eidsvold, Henrik Mestad, Ane Dahl Torp

The Radio Pirates is the story about Karl Jonathan and his father who in a break-up with his mother move back to his father’s run-down childhood home and find out that the village has been transformed into an extremely rigid security oriented society. Together with Karl Jonathan we experience how all children’s freedom to play and be children has been robbed from them. Together with his friend Sisseline, Karl Jonathan starts a children’s riot in the village.
The whole thing starts when the two of them find an old illegal radio studio on the very top of an enormous industrial chimney. The start playing radio show in the studio and almost without knowing it they start all the kids rioting gainst the village.
They now become secret Radio Pirates who again and again manage to test the limits of what is possible in this EU regulated village. Their main enemy, the fake wheelchair user Jansen does everything in his power to stop them, but the children prevail and beat him in the end and also prove him to be a fake wheelchair user in the final showdown.
The Radio Pirates is the story about children who fight for the right to be children in a society of narrow-minded grownups and city council members who will do anything to get their way.
The Radio Pirates is packed with comedy, action and a good portion romance.
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Producers Hakon Overas and Aagot Skjeldal 4 1/2
Nationality Norway
Format 1:2.35
Screenplay Gunnar Germundson
Cinematographer John Andreas Andersen FNF
Sound Christian Scaanning
Editor Pål Gengenbach and Siw Eberholst

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