The Circle - Chapitre 1: Les élues

The Circle - Chapitre 1: Les élues
A film by Levan Akin
Cast : Josefin Asplund, Helena Engström, Miranda Frydman, Irma von Platen, Hanna Asp, Leona Axelsen

Une nuit de pleine lune, six jeunes lycéennes se retrouvent mystérieusement attirées par une force surnaturelle dans la forêt. Une prophétie leur est alors révélée : elles sont les Élues, un groupe de sorcières, liées les unes aux autres par un pouvoir capable de repousser le Mal. Ensemble, elles vont devoir maîtriser cette étrange force et lutter contre la malédiction qui s’est abattue sur leur lycée. Désormais, rester unies est leur seule chance de survie !

Welcome to Engelsfors, a small Swedish town in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by deep forests. The steelworks closed in the ‘80s. No jobs, no hope, no future. Everybody has a fixed opinion about everybody else and anybody who doesn’t fit in is met with suspicion. Elias, 16 years old, is painfully aware of this. Just a few weeks into the autumn semester, he is found dead in a bathroom stall at Engelsfors High. Everyone thinks he killed himself. They are wrong. There is an ancient evil that is trying to force its way into our world, right in Engelsfors. There is hidden magic. And it is awakening within a group of very different first-year girls at Engelsfors High. One night, under a blood-red moon, these six are brought by a mysterious force to a closed-down theme park. They learn that they are the Chosen Ones. They have magical powers that they need to hone – together. As the stakes are raised, the Chosen Ones realize that the evil that killed Elias is after them too. Who can they trust? Can they even trust each other? Can the bullied co-operate with the bully? And how can one resist the temptation of using magic to put wrongs to right?
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Producers RMV Film
Screenplay Levan Akin, Sara Bergmark Elfgren
Cinematographer Neus Ollé
Editor Gustav Wachtmeister
Music Benny Andersson

© ninety seven film production and distribution